As I begin to write today’s entry I realize that some days don’t have a new message. The day is to be lived in the confidence and assurance of all preceding days–We are never on our own. God is with us through His Son Jesus and His Gift of The Holy Spirit. Today is truly one of these days. Walking into it with Jesus in the lead and The Holy Spirit within is what I’ve longed for all of my life. God has been and still is teaching me that His Gift of Jesus and His Holy Spirit is not based on my efforts. It is solely based on His Love for me. How can I earn what cannot be earned? I receive it by accepting Christ Jesus into my heart. This deception of Satan has truly been a wall of disbelief and confusion God has wanted to destroy. How grateful I am for His Faithfulness in never wavering in His delivery of His Gift until I receive it only with Thanksgiving of my heart rather than the efforts of man. Understanding all of this much more makes giving to God an abundant pleasure. How I love my (our) Father!

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