Our first snow in the valley came last night. I’m waiting until it gets light so I can enjoy the beauty of first fallen snow. I don’t have to drive to any of the schools today either so that makes it even more special. I do have an appointment this morning for my pickup to have its emission’s check. There is some type of issue I already know which I try and squelch anxiety about. Being the mechanic I am not, makes me nervous about these issues. I turned it over to Jesus this morning and I’m trying to leave it with Him. Seems a small item, but in my emotions, it is big.

The big item today is a surgery my sis in law is having. It is a tumor in her colon which seems to be contained as there is no evidence of cancer any other place. We are all praying it is confirmed from the surgery this morning. We can’t be at the hospital, only my brother and their kids so we wait to hear the outcome.

Tonight is our Celebrate Recovery Christmas blessings. Each year we take this week and give one another a blessing. The men do so with men and the women do so with women. We are all together for this and it has turned into something we look forward to annually. We usually have some who have moved on return on this night so they can experience the night one more time. My blessing last year was from Psalms 18:16 and it read, “Reach down from on high, my God and my Redeemer and take hold of Earnie. Draw Earnie out of deep waters. Rescue Earnie from the powerful enemies.” It is very touching how God matches the blessing given to the recipient. He is just like that!

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