I use to think people overemphasized the Love of Jesus, or the Love of God. The Old Testament is filled with the commands and laws which needed to be followed. I was raised with such strict rules coupled with the anger of dad, so learning to follow rules became somewhat easy. The New Testament also has rules talked about. Even though I would read these rules as being diversions from the Love of Jesus, I didn’t get the message that the work of Jesus replaced all of these laws. My mind understood it, but my heart couldn’t wrap life around that belief.

This morning I concluded the book of Hebrews. This last chapter, chapter 13, ends the book with the emphasis once again on the Love of God through Jesus Christ His Son. If God would meet the needs of the sparrow, why would He neglect His own children He created? This emphasis was so clouded in years past for me. Today, when I read these verses, I just shook my head in awe! God really does LOVE us–me. My sins, my failures, my past and even my present and future is all addressed within this enormous Gift of Love and Grace God has bestowed on each of us. Now that I not only know this but also believe this without a doubt, I know I am blessed beyond measure and rejoice in humility for such Love!

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