For years now I’ve started my day with devotions: journaling, reading a devotional and then reading my bible. I pray over my prayer list after bible reading and then I write this blog. For some reason this morning I couldn’t help but stop and reflect on God’s Goodness–His Grace. The author of Hebrews is said to be unknown. But, whoever this author is, he knew how to listen well to God’s leading in his life through the Holy Spirit. He had obviously lived through strife in order to write so clearly about overcoming obstacles in our lives and running the race to the finish line keeping our eyes on the goal at the end of the race, Hebrews 12:1-2.

I use to read this as a wish–the strength of the wish was weak, very weak. Through the faithfulness of God’s Holy Spirit He has transformed the weakness of a wish to the strength of BELIEF. I love so much how God has used correction and discipline to focus what is important in my life. He has corrected my beliefs to change from disbelief about my value to Him, to genuine belief through His Son’s work on the Cross. He has also given the discipline to stay the course until belief is changed from a wish to a KNOW. In my flesh I only fail, but knowing now I am a new creation I can keep running the race laid out before me. In so doing, I can help others know they can do this too. What a humbling, yet beautiful experience life is with Jesus Christ at the helm!

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