Even though winter seems to set in around Thanksgiving time, it officially starts today. I enjoy winter for a couple of reasons: it prepares the earth for next spring’s crops by aiding the decomposition of mulch and kills many of the tormenting insects which harm/destroy crops. Secondly, I enjoy winter for it’s quiet beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than falling snow blanketing the world around you. Outside of these two, I endure winter being a gardener, I know the garden needs a good winter to do its best the next year; so for its sake, I rejoice in winter.

This morning I had an awakening. I have written many times about doing good work to earn Christ’s love and approval. I didn’t know I already had both of these, I had to learn that I was trying to earn my own love and approval. I was judging myself through the lens I thought my own father used. As I finished reading the last part of James 2 this morning it says in verse 26, “For as the human body apart from the spirit is lifeless, so faith apart from works of obedience is also dead.” This is another one of those times when I’ve read something many times without the Light of Jesus clicking on. When the spirit leaves the body, we die. If works is not in faith, it is dead–so James is saying.

Little did I know that I couldn’t earn something that was already mine. I had the facts all mixed up. Now, I am inspired and free to do good works because my faith is strong. I can be a healthy new creation. My motivation to “work” comes from deep love and gratitude for this wonderful Savior God has given to each one of us–Jesus Christ.

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