Today all of our kids from Oklahoma arrive and our family will be all together for the next week. I’ll pick them up from the airport later in the afternoon so the family fun will begin with everyone coming for dinner. It is now 19 for dinner each day and mostly 19 for lunch depending on who is doing what. It is always a fun-filled time and we love it.

This morning’s focus has been on the tongue. James talks deeply about the power of the tongue. He also talks about teaching which certainly hit me. Be careful what we say and be sure what we say is wisdom which comes from God above. I look back onto my life and I can reflect on the power of what someone said to me. My goodness, the power of dad’s messages and voice has taken almost my entire life to overcome. I forget this all started with dad’s tongue. Weeks before dad died I had confronted him (from the push of my counselor at the time) about what he had said to me over the years of growing up. His response was, “Earn, I have told everyone I know how proud I am of you. I guess I forgot to tell you.” That has been almost 20 years ago now and the power of that message still circulates through my mind and emotions. It doesn’t replace all the destructive statements I heard as a child, but it does level the playing field.

I can recall statements I’ve made which I’ve wanted to take back. My prayer warrior talks about praying blessings over people. This I want to do not only in prayer time, but also in real contact time. God is a God of Love and so I want to use my tongue to pass this along.

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