Early this morning there were noises which awoke me earlier than I intended to arise. However, I could tell I wasn’t going to go back to sleep so I got up and came out to see what was causing the commotion only to find everything very dark and quiet. I wasn’t sure what this was about so I simply came into my study to have my devotional time. It was then that I understood. Some of my family are early risers as I am and I always look forward to the conversations we have which are more intimate than when everyone is together. This family time however should never interfere with my intimate time with my dearest Friend–Jesus. It was at this point that I understood why I was up so early.

I never think that I am important to Jesus. I just think how important He is to me. It is a moment like this morning that I am reminded that He loves the time we have together just like I do. This is true for each one of us too. Jesus came to earth not just to save us from the sin we could never escape, but to also live with and in us as we recognize Him in this way. How intimate and wonderful our Savior is!

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