John, writer of the books of John and I, II, & III John as well as Revelation is a writer of scripture like no other. He emphasizes the Love of God and Jesus over and over. He also brings into focus the depth of what God’s Love looks like and then he goes into our response to it. I’ve always known love and intimacy go hand in hand. However, I’ve had a very narrow picture of intimacy in how I’ve lived out life.

Love is fine. I can do it keeping distance in place. Intimacy, however, seems way to close to the body and there I cringe. I know this isn’t what God wants, but it is how my body responds to proximity and I’m working to address this. This morning’s scripture reading brings into focus just how intimate God wants His Love to be known by His creation–you and me. Not only this, but He wants us to be free to give His Love in the same way He offers it to us. I need work in this area and He is pointing this out to me.

God has made us a new creation through the cleansing blood of His Son Jesus. The new creation never becomes old either for Christ’s cleansing blood flows through us continuously. It is hitting this area of love/intimacy for me. My body may be getting old, but God wants my spirit to be free to receive His Love/Intimacy and free to offer it. New assignment!

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