One of the things I am still needing to learn (be reminded of) is that when God is leading He will lead for everyone who is to be involved. It may take time for the “team” to come around, but He is faithful to the end. When I get an idea and think it is from God I want to run right now and get going. Well, that behavior has cost me many different times but the desire is there to do this even at my “old age”.

It has always been good for me to test the water by running ideas like this past my wife. She is a good stabilizer for me just as my mom use to be when I was a kid growing up. God’s Work is confirmed by everyone directly involved in it and I always need to be reminded of this so I don’t run ahead of Him causing problems and making His inspiration not look like Him. When we are in tandem God’s Work shines. I want this to be the case as I wait upon the Lord to confirm where He wants me to focus myself with Him in this present year of 2022. I can be patient when I know I am doing so for God’s Light to shine abundantly.

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