Not so many days ago, less than a week, I was perplexed about God’s silence in the direction He wanted me taking in this year of 2022. I began to talk to Him about this and to journal about it. Now, a week later, I have been given so much insight that my head is whirling with opportunity. I don’t know what will become of this, but when God works, He truly works. I don’t know why I find this surprising for this is not the first rodeo I’ve had with God. Yet, each and every time I experience God’s working I have to sit back for a moment and simply say–WOW!

The meeting yesterday with our Celebrate Recovery group was a moment where God’s leading was very present from start to finish. I sure love being part of God’s Kingdom work. He is such an Amazing God and He gives us such wonderful support, leadership and insights through His Son Jesus, His Holy Spirit and His Word.

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