The trip to Montana seemed to be a big step in the right direction. So many needs seen last August are now being recognized and prioritized as to when they will be directly addressed. It is so easy to see how God is working and His Work is being recognized as His Leading.

Every day since the first day of January I’ve read the devotion in my new devotional. It is one that my 90 year old prayer warrior wanted to me get. She had told me about it last July and I had ordered it for each of us in our quartet. It is perfectly aligned daily with the very message God has given me for my goal of this year. Today’s message outlined the truth that keeping God in the lead of our lives 24/7 takes total surrender. It is only then that Trust becomes complete. It is also then that Belief is evidenced in our every action and that Faith in God, that He is the One and only True God. is actualized. As this truth becomes more and more apparent I see much more clearly where I still rely too heavily on my own resources. God is wanting me to not only see these but to surrender them and begin my Trust at these places.

Being a new creation doesn’t mean I am now able to do all that God wants me to do on my own. It is a total shift to living in Faith, Believing that God is Almighty and why would I even want to do this on my own? Lastly, it is Trusting God’s outcome to be so far superior to anything I would be able to do on my own. I truly want to be at this place in my life, but I know better than ever to do this “one day at a time, one moment at a time….”

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