God continues to impress upon me the reality of His Love which cannot be adequately defined with man’s words. One of the realities of being a new creation that never stops growing is the significance of His Love for each one of us–that includes me. How much I have yearned for this and worked for this only to now find it was my own belief about myself that kept me from it.

This new devotional (author of the Passion Bible) has a means of describing God’s intent like I’ve never understood. It’s title is I Hear His Whisper. I’m sure that much of my understanding centers more around my mind, soul and spirit finally awakening more to realize the worthiness of being a new creation. There is nothing we can do except accept it though accepting Jesus Christ into our lives as Savior and then Lord. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was a child. I have worked so hard to be worthy of His Saving Grace only to fall short with all effort never realizing I was using my own measuring stick. Surrender is a key word here. Surrender all the effort and accept all His Love. It is then we begin to understand His being Lord of our lives. Within God’s Love is a desire, a passion which grows and grows to honor Him with our living. How much I love this Father of mine and yours!

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