There is something to be said about this God we are invited to serve–He is AMAZING! Not only does He give to us the opportunity to invite His Son into our hearts and lives, but He gives to us His Holy Spirit to inspire, nudge and guide us to a fullness in understanding about Who He is. I’ve never understood the Love of God before because I could not accept a Love like God’s–I was condemning myself. There was no way I was worthy of such love.

Now that I know the difference between conviction and condemnation I experience the Light given to us in conviction vs the darkness given from condemnation. Satan deals with darkness making us think it is light. My self-condemnation coupled with Satan’s caused me to live in the darkness of my past as I tried my best to keep it hidden. Now I realize how much God wanted my past to be used to shed His Light not only for others, but for me. His healing has removed the condemnation and helped me see what I’ve written many times separating sins done to me from sins I’ve committed. Along with this there is a Light which continuously shines as we allow Him to speak through His Word and simply calm our very spirit with His Presence. Wow, God is so AMAZING!

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