Back in 2008 when our small group first started Celebrate Recovery at our church, God began to build into me a longing to be entirely free from the shackles of my past. It led me into the years of therapy/counseling and to the restoration classes we now offer. In all of this I have found tremendous freedom. Yet, what I didn’t expect to find was that the flesh of “Earnie” is just like every human. I measured my worth comparing my sins to those of dad and my brother. Accepting the truth of being a new creation has allowed my mind to be opened to real TRUTH. Being able to see dad and my brother as sinners saved by Grace just as I am has been so freeing. My sins are no longer connected to the sins done to me. They are mine just as dad’s and my brother’s sins were theirs.

The other reality is finding who God truly is. Read this excerpt from today’s devotional: “I long to teach you what it means to be a son or daughter of the living God…. If memories of childhood bring pain and prevent you from knowing me fully, I will heal that pain and give you a new history in me. Together we will write a new story of love, patience, encouragement, and safety….” This is exactly what God is doing for me as He more and more awakens me to the fullness of Himself, His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit. What a glorious God we get to serve! If this reality is not yet yours, know that it is going to be if you stay the course with Him. He loves us dearly!

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