Have you given thought to how much Satan wouldn’t want any of God’s children to know what a new creation actually is? God has been nudging me daily to stay into the three little books of John which have an overriding theme which is God’s Love. A new creation awakens more and more to what God’s Love is really like. Also, the devotional I’m reading continuously hits on this same theme.

I haven’t written in this blog the amount of temptation/torment I’ve been experiencing this month. As I went to bed last night and was going over the day with Jesus I was hit with the message that Satan doesn’t want me to know this freedom and the love God provides for His new creations. He wants me in the bondage I’ve known all the earlier years of my life. I don’t know why it has taken me so many days to realize this (it isn’t a new reality by any means). No matter, I’m just glad to now reawaken to stay on guard. A new creation is still living in a sin-infested world. Just writing this makes me smile. God really is a wonderful GOD!

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