Today was an early rise one. My wife and her sis plus her sis’ daughter in law were headed to Vegas for Mary’s store shopping. I was the chauffer who needed to have them at the airport by 5:30 am. So, they are there and I’m up earlier on a Sunday morning ready for the day. It works out well in that I’m on worship team today so I need to be at church early anyway. These little details always make me smile seeing how God works them out without me ever noticing until they come together like this.

This morning I began The Passion–New Testament translation of the Bible. I’m already seeing that it directly brings out some clarity I haven’t noticed before. This is all about God’s Kingdom which is Spirit and not flesh. I’m starting to shift my thinking realizing that a new creation is to live in God’s Spirit even though I dwell in the flesh. I’ve always thought I had to live in the flesh and do the best I could remembering I’ve got God’s Holy Spirit within. Staying focused on being a new creation is allowing me to begin to better see that I can live in God’s Spirit if I stay awake to it. The Passion brings out this focus so I’m going to appreciate going through it a verse/chapter at a time.

God is never done with us/me. I’m so thankful He is the definer of patience, love and all of the fruits of the Spirit. I definitely want to grow in each of them as this new creation awakens more and more.

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