To be a new creation–this little phrase will likely be one I wrestle with the rest of my life. I know that I already am a new creation simply from inviting Jesus into my heart and life. I know that somehow this new creation brings me in line with Jesus so that when God sees me, He sees the creation He intended originally. He doesn’t see the sins of Earnie or the sins done to me. My new devotional daily message is driving all of this home. Now that I’m reading the Passion I find the translator being used to help clarify God’s rich purpose in sending Jesus for our sakes–my sake–yours and mine. I have to admit–I’ve always wanted my being a new creation to be present in this earth of ours free from all temptations and memories of our past. Well, I know to let this wish go. But, how does one cling fully to the reality of Jesus in our lives 24/7? This is my goal and I’m staying with it.

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