Today is a very different Wednesday. I’m usually in a school/district every Wednesday. However, today is the funeral service for a very dear lady and our quartet is singing for it. After the service and the dinner which follows, I’m meeting with my prayer warrior. I have many things I’m wanting to talk with her about. She is the one who put me in touch with the devotional I’m now using for this year as well as The Passion. Reading these two together is eye-opening, mind-opening, and spirit-opening every day.

I have never made the connection that the Beatitudes were delivered by Jesus to better represent living for Jesus replacing the Old Testament’s 10 Commandments. Also, it has never occurred to me that serving The One True God is critically important because our God is the only God who provides the doorway to eternal life through Jesus Christ His Son. Of course, both of these realities are not new information, but reading them this morning in conjunction with one another makes me realize even more how deceptive Satan is in trying to keep so many “other gods” before man to confuse his mind and emotions making flesh promises. Our God is so AMAZING!

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