Two of our quartet members were sick yesterday so the quartet to sing for our friend’s funeral turned into a duet. The “funny” thing about this is that the two of us who sang were the two this lady accompanied before we became a quartet. God has connections He makes which always surprise me.

My time with my prayer warrior was another uplift. If I’m alive at 90, I hope I can be as profitable for the Lord as she is. What a gift she is to all who are connected to her and her prayer list.

Saturday my wife and I fly to California to spend a week with my two sisters and other relatives. Both sis’s are dealing with major health issues and we haven’t been able to be there for two years due to the present circumstances. Yesterday I was called by my older sis’s daughter saying my sis has COVID so I don’t know if we can even see her. She is in an assisted living place. My sis is very frail. Only God can open whatever doors so I’m leaving this dilemma with Him. I’m praising Him because He is worthy to be PRAISED!

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