The trust I wrote about yesterday regarding this trip we are taking in another hour was being challenged as I awoke early this morning. My guts were filled with fear, and anxiety was challenging each and every part of the trip. The “what ifs” were wanting to take charge. I knew upon awakening I needed to get up and challenge this. As I started my devotions and journaling I immediately praised God for all the unknown work He is doing and will be doing. I praised Him for the Light He is already blinding the enemy with. I thanked Him for a peace I didn’t know at the moment but for the peace He will provide. I then opened my devotional and its title was: “I Am Here”. It’s first words were: “Your praise reaches me. Your worship touches my heart. I haven’t withdrawn myself from you….”

There are a number of obstacles which look like severe health issues that could be used to stop this trip. However, I know now better than ever that this trip is to take place and to take place in the name of Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord. I can see the Light of God shining there and back so onward we go!

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