There are not too many things I like about winter. However, there is something about winter that no other season gives me and that is HOPE. Every winter is followed by a spring and I love spring. Every winter I can look out my windows on the worst of weather days and still see the new life which will be coming in a just a few more weeks! Hope is a wonderful gift God plants within each of us!

Tomorrow we fly to S Calif. to see my two sisters, both of which are struggling with their health. Alice is 87 and has just been diagnosed with COVID even though she has no symptoms. I don’t know if we can even see her while we are there. Bonnie has had a couple of major strokes in this past year so life has changed dramatically for her. We will be staying with her even though her new place is quite small. God has reminded me many times of late that I don’t need to worry about this trip. He is their God just as He is mine. See this trip as a blessing for which it will be. So, I remind myself of this each time something tries to creep into my mind/emotions. I can TRUST God and I shall.

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