Today we complete the second reason for coming to California. We finally get to see my oldest living sis. She has been in an assisted living place for a few years now but has been isolated from anyone due to COVID in the facility. Today has been enough days so we can be with her in their courtyard. There isn’t a lot of personality left in her body, but it will be so nice to simply be with her for a short while. She is ready to be with Jesus in heaven, but that time isn’t yet.

Tonight I will give my testimony to my cousin’s recovery group. I did this 4 years ago when we were here. It will be nice to be with them again tonight. When we were here before I was able to talk to my Aunt Billie who cleared many misunderstandings I had about my uncle, dad’s youngest brother. I had thought he was much like dad, but in reality, he had felt paralyzed not knowing what to do with dad and his behaviors. It gave me another step of freedom. I want this group to know this too for they love my cousin who does counseling for their church as well as leads their recovery program.

Tomorrow we will fly home. I am so grateful we have been able to come. God is so GOOD!

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