Yesterday was a priceless gift. Going to see Alice and sitting with her holding her hand was priceless. She is so frail. Yet, she was alert and able to comprehend our conversation and even respond just a little. Her daughter had arranged for us to come and sit with her on a patio so we didn’t have to enter the facility. They gave us masks to wear but once we were together we didn’t have to wear them as we spoke with Alice. My heart was happy, yet I couldn’t help but cry as we departed seeing my sis like this. She is ready to go “home” just as soon as God is ready to receive her into His eternal Kingdom.

Last night I told my story for the recovery group. Yes, I was a bit nervous as I always am. Yet, it is always a blessing to not only tell my story, but to receive the thanks which follow. Several identified with parts of it and some–all of it. I’m always amazed to feel so weak, yet to hear the words like courageous and kind. It is simply amazing how God takes our mess and turns it into a message as I’ve witnessed so many, many times in the past 14 years. It is a genuine blessing to take part in God’s Kingdom work and see seeds planted in others as God is working in their own lives.

Our God is AMAZING and so GOOD!

In a couple of hours we will be in the air flying home. Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to return to California and see my family here one more time.

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