Today I head to Montana for the 3 days a month I work with a district there. I awoke earlier than anticipated and for good reason. God has been reawakening me to the goal I set for this year. I had written that I wanted Him to lead me 24/7 each and every day. I had set a signal on my phone to alert me mid morning and mid afternoon so I’d have physical reminders to do reflect on the day. However, more and more I have drifted away from seeing them and taking a moment to mentally stay on track. Yesterday’s work with a school was a perfect example. I saw both of the reminders as well as my noontime one where I stay in touch with my sponsor. I ignored all three because I was “busy” with the issues at hand. When I saw the reminders I did what I have always done in past–hoped I was on track. So, as God guided me back to yesterday this morning I see very clearly my need to pause. I no longer need to hope God leads. I know He will and does if I only surrender and step out of the way doing what I know to be my part so He can do His.

I wasn’t at Celebrate Recovery last Thursday night, chip night, to get my 30 day chip for this goal, but I am not going to give up on what I know God wants me doing. I want to grow into a full-time servant of my Savior and Lord.

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