As I write the title of this blog today I instantly am reminded that this journey isn’t going to end until human life ends. The struggles of the flesh are Satan’s playground (battlefield actually). As I write battlefield I also am reminded that I am not to join in the battle, for if I do I will lose. Christ has already won this battle for me, This reminder I need to keep in bold print before me each and every day.

Tonight I will be co-leading a new step study for men. God has been nudging for this to take place. I will be leading with a new co-leader. He is excited to be a leader which excites me. I know of a couple men who will be coming and I pray for those who God is nudging to come. What a wonderful God we serve. The bondage of secrecy is about to be shattered for some men who are willing to take the risk of starting a journey they have feared. There is a brilliant Light about to penetrate a darkness only God’s Brilliance can illuminate. I look forward to being part of this opportunity.

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