Today is my mom’s birthday. I always have a tender spot in my heart for this lady who was so small in human form, yet so mighty in the Kingdom Spirit. This might showed itself in the way she lived life, not in how she spoke life. She was a model for each of us kids and I thank her for this as well as I thank Jesus for giving her to each of us.

It is good to see God working here in this Montana school district. There are many issues they face, but each trip shows abundant evidence of dedication and progress. It is a joy to be a part of this process.

Today’s devotional time has shown more evidence of my need to live in God’s Spirit who dwells within me. Awakening to this shows how much I have relied on my mind rather than on God’s nudges. Yesterday was another example of this. Knowing God’s nudges aren’t “suggestions” but steps to take is a step of learning I know but don’t always put into practice. I’m going to keep working on this with His Mighty Help!

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