Wow, getting home at 1:40 am kind of takes the wind out of Saturday morning! Yes, I did sleep in until 7:30 but my body is thinking I need more than that with my mind saying there are things to get done! I’ll go with my mind until early afternoon and then I believe we will all agree that a healthy nap will be in order!

This recent trip was such a good one. One thing is for sure when we are dealing with issues–get one resolved to only find there are several more just underneath it which have been the triggers for the one at hand. This time of year I often find people getting discouraged about what they do. Helping them see their progress does help and reminding them what last August looked like shows the progress being made. Lastly, reminding them that the ultimate work is not being led by them, it is being led by the same God we all serve. Trusting Him at every level is key! How I love our God!

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