Today as I begin to write this blog I ponder for a moment regarding the what I should write. The one which stands out the most is how rich the daily messages are for me from God as I read my devotional and then my bible–The Passion. These two are authored by the same individual. I had no idea when purchasing them that I’d find such meaningful, deep-rotted messages each day which coincide with my need/desire for spiritual growth. I know God knew all of this and I can’t thank Him enough for it.

There is no place I’d rather be than in His (GOD’s) Hiding Place. Last night we addressed lesson one–DENIAL in our step study group. In it we had to identify all that we had been keeping in our own private hiding place trying to pretend it isn’t real or knowing it’s real but not wanting the world to know about it. In God’s Hiding Place we can find the place of peace knowing the world knows all about us and the reason they do is because God is wanting us to obey Him using our past to help others find safety in sharing their own. It has taken years for me to uncover all that I’ve had in hiding, but now that it’s no longer hidden inside me, I simply have peace–a grateful and humble peace. Only God can give such a GIFT and how grateful I am for it.

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