God is shedding so much light of late regarding my personal awakening to Him and me. Satan has had a hay day much of my life. I’ve allowed him to manipulate my emotions thinking my sins weren’t as bad as dad’s or my brother’s so even things like porn would be ok if I didn’t do it very much and didn’t do anything with it overtly. Now that I see my sins nailed to the Cross without a buffer in-between them I see clearly the black of my sins. Other things about my personal selfishness are also more clearly seen. I am deeply humbled and grateful that Jesus didn’t give up on me until I’ve seen this as I do today. Finding real freedom is truly stepping out of all my denials into the genuine Light of Truth.

The new step study we began last week steps into lesson one tonight which is Denial. I am seeing some areas of denial I hadn’t admitted until now. Fourteen years and God is still shedding Light into areas of darkness for me. I truly love Him for this. My hiding place all of my life has been within me where I’ve lived with lies that caused me fear and anxiety. All of this time God has waited for me to find His Hiding Place where He provides the peace which passeth all understanding. I love so much this new hiding place!

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