I have written the past couple days about some changes in my life. I have not felt released to put the specifics of this into the daily entries. However, I will soon be able to do this. I awoke quite early again this morning with all of this on my mind and my emotions filled with anxiety. I began my journaling and had a good conversation with Jesus regarding all of it. Then I picked up my devotional which was entitled: “PEACE IS MY GIFT TO YOU.” The first passage began, “When anxiety fights to take hold of your heart, and chaos tries to consume you, allow me to fill you with my peace. When you have no strength to step beyond the line of stress that the enemy has drawn, bow before my presence and I will come running…I will give you peace that goes far beyond what your mind can comprehend.”

Our God is such an amazing God! His TEAM: God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit are so much more than I can comprehend. Today’s reminder is to stay surrendered and simply relax and be obedient to what I know God is doing. “…One day at a time, one moment at a time….” These few words are the wisdom for today and each day.

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