I’ve already written several times in this new year that my focus for it is to live 24/7 for Jesus Christ. When this first came to my mind I fought it knowing how hard I’ve tried to do this in times past. Of course, in attempting this it was always of my own strength and we know how successful living from our own strength is. I’ve also known that attempting to live 24/7 in the strength of God is like a mystery–how do I actually put this into practice? I know enough about surrender and believing from all that God has done for me that I will give this goal another try. What God has been showing me over and over is that it’s our relationship which grows me into this possibility.

In the beginning of Mark 3, Jesus heals on the Sabbath the man with a crippled right hand. Jesus says to him, “‘…Now stretch out your hand!’ as he stretched out his hand it was instantly healed!” The footnote in the Passion (Bible I’m using this year) says, “…the hand symbolizes holding, giving, receiving, doing. It was his right hand which brings the added significance of power: God’s right hand–pleasure, approval, and righteousness. A crippled right hand points to the lack of all these things. Human beings are helpless before God, crippled in all our works. But the power of Jesus heals our limitations and brokenness. Religion cannot heal us but Jesus can.”

One of the greatest healings Jesus has given me of late is the gift of believing. The relationship with Him, God and The Holy Spirit is growing so much. I’ve doubted for so long, disbelieving I could truly be of much use for God. All this time He has been patiently waiting for me to see His Healing Light which comes from believing. How I thank Him for His faithfulness to me (each one of us)!

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