Yesterday I wrote about the stinging statement made to me. By yesterday morning I was able to let the sting go knowing it seemed to be something motivated by Satan’s evil intent to stop this work to begin the lay counseling program at church. I felt “bad” that someone felt this way, but I knew better than to submit to it. Today Jesus shed the final Light on this topic as I read His Word in Mark 10:29-30. It says: “‘Listen to my words.’ Jesus said. ‘Anyone who leaves his home behind and chooses me over children, parents, family and possessions, all for the sake of the gospel, it will come back to him a hundred times as much in this lifetime–homes, family, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, possessions–along with persecutions. And in the age to come, he will inherit eternal life.'” I knew in reading this it was Christ’s message for me.

Sometimes (all the time) I just sit back and be amazed at the way God makes Himself clear. At this point in time all I know is that I’m to do this. How it will come about is all an area of trust. But, I know that TRUST is more solid than any cement slab man makes for God’s Kingdom is never dependent upon man’s efforts–it starts with man’s surrender.

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