Early in my day yesterday I was accused of being selfish and needing to control–(no, this wasn’t by my wife!). It stung a good deal thinking someone actually felt this way. It was trying to take its toll on the day’s work. I had a consultant working with me at the school for the day and I was needing to be very focused. By last night when we had our step study lesson on HOPE I was able to let it go somewhat. This morning however, as I had begun to journal, I wrote that it stung hearing this from the person who sent the text. It was then that the reminder came to my mind–“I was never understood by the very people I came to seek and save–my own people.” It was then that I was able to let it go. I thought, “good grief, how did I momentarily forget this?”

So often we are classified as good when we do just what the world around us wants. It is not easy somedays to walk a different path, but in the end, it will always be the right thing to do. To God be the GLORY!

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