Yesterday ended getting the gardening done I wanted to complete and today continues the work. The only difference is that there are now 3 grandsons instead of one! We had fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy for supper–everyone’s favorite. There wasn’t even a remnant left for today. Three grandsons do eat!

There is something about being home and not in schools for which Satan wants to turn into a playground for his reminders of who I thought I was in the past. When I have time on my hands, he wants to use it for these purposes. God, on the other hand, has given me rich tools this year to fight these attacks. The devotional I’m using and reading The Passion together each morning allows me to be reminded each day of the depth of God’s love for me–each one of us. I’ve never had a devotional so well done in this arena.

I realize, stepping into this area of lay counseling, does open a door I need to leave open. This is the one of my personal identity with God and man. The more I realize just how much God has done to equip me for this new area, the more I rejoice in HIs Faithfulness, His Love, His Strength and HIs Redemption. How much I want to stay awake to these throughout each day. What a Savior we have!

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