It is amazing what one learns about himself when you begin to commit to fully opening yourself to God. I’ve never wanted to see myself as selfish. I always compared myself to my dad so it was easy to “not be selfish”. However, now that I’ve moved beyond this to seeing Jesus as my barometer, I am nothing but selfish.

When Spring begins to arrive all I want to do is spend my time out in the yard getting everything ready for another season. I no longer want to be going to schools, even though I love doing this in the winter giving purpose to those days. I want to stay focused on what “I want”. God is teaching me to listen to Him more and more about the use of my time and does it honor Him? There is no better time than right now for this lesson. Everything seems to be a priority and God wants me to start by asking Him to keep Him as my first and only priority. The others are blessings as He gives time for them. It is a new way of seeing each day’s purpose.

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