My early morning started with me coming into the kitchen to find my coffee brewed and all over the counter and floor. When I set it last night I hadn’t pushed the carafe fully into place so it simply let the coffee run around it and onto everything else. It’s cleaned now and I’ve had my two cups, but I had to do some quick “surrenderings” in order to keep my mind and emotions in place!

Today has some obstacles in it which I know about, but have little if any influence. I have given them to the One who does have full control if others will allow. He Alone is always the right answer to our issues at hand.

When I saw the coffee pot’s mess earlier I quickly thought this would be a picture of my day’s outcome. However, after having my devotional time with God I can see that a little mess can be simply that–a little mess. The work of this day is to be done with my obedience to God’s Leading. When this got squared away within me my inner self became peaceful. Boy, our God is GOOD!

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