It is a new day and the start of a new week. I had this repeated dream during the night regarding a couple of Easter songs which I’ve sung many times in years gone by. As I began my devotions the words of It Is Finished, 4th verse were singing in my head: “Yet in my heart, the battle still rages. Not all prisoners of war had come home. They were battles of my own making. I didn’t know that the war had been won.” It goes on to verse 5, “Then I heard that the King of the ages, had fought all the battles for me. And victory was mine for the asking, and now, Praise His Name–I am Free!”

I went to see my prayer warrior yesterday afternoon when the grandsons had gone home. I was taking her a picture of the men in our step study so she could be praying for each of them and knew their faces while she prayed. The time turned into a wonderful opportunity for praising God and her reminding me once again of who I am to God. Everyone needs a Lois in their lives and I’m so grateful for her being God’s gift to me.

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