A few years ago I had purchased the book, The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee (a Chinese Christian). It is a hefty book with three sections. At the time of purchase, I was wanting to grow my “spiritual walk” with God by learning more about God’s Spirit and my own. I got almost halfway through the book and stopped. It was far beyond me at that time. Yesterday I brought the book for reading on the plane to Montana and I’m so glad I did. It addresses exactly where my walk with God is today. My commitment this year to live 24/7 for Jesus each and every day is seemingly impossible. All I have done thus far is to awaken to the fact that I live most of every day from my own self.

Watchman talks abundantly about our intuition as The Holy Spirit’s voice within us. Our conscience is its home. I know these two realities and I know God uses them and wants me to do the same. Reading this yesterday was not only a good reminder from over a year ago’s reading, it is now what I need to read and apply to my daily living. Respecting these nudges as “commands” rather than suggestions is a “must do” for my daily walk. I am committing to this for today–one day at a time and one moment at a time as the Serenity Prayer guides us to do.

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