I got up at my usual early time this morning, had my devotions, took my shower and it still wasn’t time to go get the breakfast served at the motel. I was wondering why I had this extra time when I realized I hadn’t written my daily blog. So, now it is being done and I can go get breakfast because it will then be time.

Yesterday was a surprisingly good day. The meeting I’d had with the superintendent on Wednesday had brought to light some steps he could take but was reticent to do so. I texted him yesterday after lunch to see if he was ready to take them and if he’d set a time I’d join him. This was finally done and the meeting took place. It turned out to be a tremendous success in every arena. God is so good! I even had an extra hour before this particular meeting so I went to the elementary hoping I could address an issue which I wanted to step into ahead of today. As only God arranges, the person I needed to talk with was alone and wishing to talk also. Once again, it was a big moment of success.

Surrendering to God’s leadership and being obedient to His nudges is a big step of learning for me. I’ve always questioned these moments in my mind and often dismissed them. However, yesterday I acted on each nudge and it was truly the right thing to do. Learning to lean on Jesus fully is totally the right thing to do!

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