Yesterday I knew I was to have a conversation with the director who puts together the sites where I do my consulting. The zoom meeting was at 8:00 am. I knew I was going to talk with her regarding my new assignment of “lay counseling”. I was going to leave open whether I’d completely step away from all consulting or maybe limit the consulting to one site which means one day a week. When I told her what I had been asked to do she teared up. She said, “Earnie, this is exactly what God wants you to do. You’ve wondered what He would want for you and He has made it clear.” We both choked up. Shortly after this zoom meeting my phone rang and it was our senior pastor. He was calling for two reasons he said, one to thank me for this new step I was taking with the church and to let me know how much all of the pastoral staff supported this decision. I was just overwhelmed! Even now I keep taking deep breaths as I write this.

I must confess at this moment how much my flesh is screaming at me with the “what ifs”. What if we have to simply live on our retirement income? What if our kids have an emergency and need our financial help? What if something drastic happens to Kathy or me–we’re not young anymore? I keep hearing God’s Voice whisper that He is right here and He IS ALMIGHTY GOD. I know this and want to solidly believe without question. So I’m putting into place what the Serenity Prayer says, “One day at a time, one moment at a time….” I do believe and I do trust this wonderful God I serve. I also thank Him for this glorious opportunity to serve Him in this capacity.

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