I’ve said it so many times of late, but I continue to love the way God is having my devotional and bible reading coincide each and every day. I journal about the things on my mind and what concerns me (things which want to give me unrest) and then I read in my devotional about God’s Holy Spirit’s desire to give peace in the unknown trusting Him to shed the penetrating Light when the time is right). I then begin my bible reading only to read how God sent His Holy Spirit in the form of the dove for His Son Jesus when John the Baptist was baptizing him in the Jordan River. This significant moment was preparing Jesus for His time of temptation for 40 days when He went into the wilderness. As I read this, this morning, I was reminded that God didn’t just do this for His Son, He wants to do this for each one of us who come to Him with our submission to do His Will regardless of the cost knowing God’s Plan is perfect. Any time we try to manipulate this perfect Plan, we delay what God wants us to do at the moment. He promises us The Holy Spirit Who gives “perfect peace” in the midst of the storm if we will only Trust and Obey. I needed this reminder this morning. The foundation is swept clean for today. I will trust and obey!

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