Well, as only God would have it, yesterday was a day of blessings. Not only were my brothers and sister in laws gracious, they were most complimentary. One sis said, “This just makes my day. God has put all of these pieces together and it is just so evident. I love it!” Others in the family also had good news so one said this was a day of God’s blessings. We can rejoice in all of this.

I look back onto the days preceding yesterday and wonder why I continue to become anxious over the lies which enter my mind? I know that God is a God of Mercy and Grace. Yet, over and over this has to be shown to me in the ways like yesterday. As I write this I am able to see something I’ve not clearly understood. As a child growing up I had very different “gifts” than dad. His giftedness was what he could do with his hands in the world of carpentry and mechanics. So everything I did was severely criticized. Over time, coupled with my brother’s sexual abuse, I began to believe I truly was a mistake and had to somehow prove my value. As an adult nothing I could do would ever measure being good enough to overcome this old belief system. Now that God has made it abundantly clear what my next steps are to be He is relentlessly showing me His Grace. My brothers are gifted like dad and I feared hearing a “dad message”. Instead, I heard another message of God’s Love and Grace with much support! Thank You God! What a wonderful Father You are!

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