Today starts the week of spring break for all of our local schools and many others. It is a week I’ve always looked forward to because it meant I could be catching up all of the yard and garden details where I spend my “hobby time”. Instead, however, of awakening with a cheerful heart this morning, I’ve been filled with anxiety. I hate to confess all of this because I don’t want any reader to think I am weak in my beliefs, yet, I made a promise to God that when I started this blog I’d be brutally honest about my journey’s steps. Thus, I’m telling this truth. All through my devotional time this morning I read how Jesus calmed the raging sea when the disciples awakened him thinking they were about to drown. Jesus even asked them about their faith. I know He is asking me the same question. I’ve told Him I want my faith to be strong but I simply am not strong. I want to trust that moving forward with this adventure of counseling is solidly of Him. I know it is, yet these voices/mental questions only increase in intensity as each day arrives. Because I am home I have more time to “stew” about them.

OK, I’ve told the truth. Now I’m telling another truth. I am weak, I do worry, I am incapable–BUT GOD IS STRONG, HE NEVER WORRIES, and HE IS FULLY CAPABLE. He has called me into an area where He wants me to offer Him to others who haven’t found what He has offered and given to me–FREEDOM from bondage. Yes, Satan wants to destroy all of this, but I’ve also given him over to Jesus too.

“I believe, help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

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