My word, the journey not only continues, but the lessons for each day continue likewise. God’s Word seems to be in BOLD of late. The lessons He wants me to learn and believe are ones for which I’ve struggled all of my life. The big one for today is relying on God for finances. I know a good deal about the need to rely on God fully and that everything in the universe belongs to Him–He created all of it. However, trusting Him in this new venture that has no financial backing is testing my faith–trust–beliefs. In fact, every venture I’ve ever taken has had me worrying about finances. I don’t usually talk/write about this particular worry because out of my own pride I don’t want others to know I worry about it. I want people to think I leave this worry only with God.

This morning as I began my journaling I wrote about this concern. My consulting has had good financial compensation eliminating any need to “worry”. This new venture for God may have something, but it isn’t known at this point, yet I know beyond a shadow of doubt God wants me moving forward trusting. I’ve also said I won’t hide behind pride as a new creation so I’m confessing this and giving it to the One Who is growing my Trust.

Luke 17:33 says: “All who are obsessed with being secure in life will lose it all–including their lives. But those who let go of their lives and surrender them to me will discover true life.” This was part of my bible reading this morning which summarized all I needed to hear. I take another step into FAITH.

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