Today’s scripture reading was a direct hit for me. It was Luke 13 & 14. Throughout these two chapters Jesus is addressing His people about living for Him or living for themselves. Luke 14:33 says, “Unless you surrender all to me, giving up all you possess, you cannot be one of my disciples.” Earlier in the two chapters it says we are to put Jesus ahead of all other relationships. Living for Him is to be our first and foremost priority.

Today as I write this, and think about what I wrote yesterday, I know I’ve held back from this full surrender. What I do know today is that putting other relationships second to the one with Jesus is actually a blessing for the others. When I am fully surrendered the others in my life are receiving an unselfish person as defined by Jesus. There is much unknown in all of this, but today I am taking one step at a time into full surrender. I don’t do this alone for Jesus is leading me and within me. There is great assurance in this!

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