Today’s devotional read in part, “I am strengthening you today. I know just what you need and how to give it to you. There’s no need to worry, for I am your strength. Be carefree. Shake off the heaviness and come as a child in complete trust and abandonment. Dance away the heaviness and unbelief that have tried to restrain you. Find your freedom from the past in my every present grace. I am more than enough. I am the joy of your salvation.”

There are some things I’m facing about myself which I’ve never done as a “new creation”. The last big step I took in my work life was stepping into the consulting world 15 years ago. At the same time I was also just starting the work with our Celebrate Recovery program. I didn’t live as a new creation at that point. My past haunted me continuously. I thought all of the worry I had originated from my past. Now, stepping into this new venture as a new creation I find myself “worrying” and needing to over plan in my mind all the steps I need to take. These characteristics are simply me.

It is easier to let go of worry when I own it. I could never before truly let it go because it owned me. God is such a miracle worker! The line “dance away the heaviness and unbelief that have tried to restrain you” becomes possible when the shackles of the past are gone! PRAISE GOD!

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