Last night our step study group of men finished the 6th lesson which now closes the group to any newcomer. The lesson is ACTION. The action to be taken is accepting Jesus as our Savior and Lord. I love how the lesson emphasizes our need to accept Jesus as our “Higher Power”. I hadn’t thought through this correlation of the term higher power being Jesus as Lord until last night. Yes, every man in the group has accepted Jesus as Savior, but the idea of Jesus being our higher power is something we not only do today, but often we need to do it many times during the day. Realizing that our willpower is not the power for which we change is huge. It is Jesus as the HIGHER POWER that makes all the difference. We must use our willpower to turn our pride, ego, embarrassment, and more over to Jesus, our Higher Power, so He can take these “hardships and turn them into a pathway to peace” which the Serenity Prayer tells us He will do.

Last night was an amazing night to witness once again these men recognizing this incredible discovery of our Savior and Lord. If Jesus is going to be our Lord we must recognize this as a daily surrender of our willpower to Him as our Higher Power. My day begins with this surrender.

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