Today is one of those days I’m grateful comes along. I’m not going to any school and instead, I have a meeting with our church outlining more details for the forthcoming ministry of lay counseling. Then, until late afternoon, I will be working in the yard getting all the watering up and running. We desperately need more spring moisture so I’m needing to get the well water in operation.

As I was completing my devotional time with Jesus, my scripture reading was the last two chapters of Luke. Jesus is judged and crucified, however, before the chapters end–HE IS ALIVE! I’ve always known and trusted that Jesus is alive. What I can’t seem to hear often enough is that He is ALIVE for me. Over and over in these past few years and particularly in the past few months Jesus has proven this again and again. How I love Him for this and want so much to help others know this is just as true for them today as it was when He arose over 2000 years ago! Hallelujah!

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