The journey of yesterday was a wonderful success giving my grandson the info he desired. Now it is time for God to work in and with him helping him make some decisions about his future steps.

This morning I have begun the reading of the book of John in the bible translation–The Passion. At the beginning of each book there is a descriptor for the book’s author. In this for John, I loved what was said. I’m giving an excerpt describing what I mean. “…John described himself as ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’ (John 21:7, 20). This does not mean that Jesus loved John more than the others but rather John saw himself as one that Jesus loved. You could also say about yourself, ‘I am the disciple whom Jesus loves!’ Every single believer can echo John’s description of himself, for these words must become the true definition of our identity….”

Each time I’ve read in the past the part of John where he states that he is the disciple Jesus loves, I would cringe. With my background I thought John was an egotist boldly writing this so everyone could read it. Yet, somehow, I knew this couldn’t be the case. In reality, he knew what I’ve been learning about being a new creation. We are to replace that self-doubt with self-love believing with confidence that Jesus’ work on the Cross provides us with a love and guidance surpassing anything man could ever create. My past does not describe me, it is my identity with Christ that now describes me–I am a disciple whom Jesus loves!

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