As a young believer in my 20’s, our pastor at the time (who was the husband of my prayer warrior and who passed away a couple of years ago) would say to read the book of John if you want to know Jesus. Never have I realized until now that knowing Jesus and believing Jesus is just as real for you as for everyone else, are two very different “knows”. I can know about someone, but it isn’t until I meet them and spend time with them that I know more than information.

Even though I’ve had Jesus in my life as Savior and Lord for many, many years, I’ve not been able to know Him as I am beginning to now. Believing that what John says about Jesus in his book is truly different from knowing this information. The more information I had only built more longing within me for Jesus to finally love me. Little did I know that it was me loving Earnie I was needing. I couldn’t see myself as lovable knowing what had been done to me. I had never been able to see Christ’s work on the Cross as cleansing me from sin done to me. All of these years later I am filled with gratitude and love for Christ’s cleansing work.

I still have my moments of doubt which Satan is relentless in tempting me, but today I have a Savior and Lord to counter these attacks. Glory be to God!

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